Peak UK Chart Position: #14 in October 1995.

Famously featuring Dale Winton in the video for their first hit single “Inbetweener” (set, appropriately, in a supermarket); Sleeper had been around since 1993,¬†but seemed to finally break through after the initial Britpop explosion.

Louise Wener (who turns 50 today) was the lead singer, and became something of a pin-up in the process. Post-Sleeper, who split in 1998, Wener went on to become a novelist, with four titles under her belt so far. She also released an autobiography in 2010.

“Inbetweener” followed two singles that flopped but began a run of eight top forty hits – two of which reached number 10, in “Sale Of The Century” and “Nice Guy Eddie” (both 1996). They also recorded a cover of the Blondie track “Atomic” for the film Trainspotting, after Blondie refused to allow their own version to be used.

The third biggest of their hits was this, “What Do I Do Now?”, here featured on the 5th October 1995 episode of Top of the Pops – and hosted by Hale and Pace. Sorry about that…

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