Peak UK Chart Position: #17 in December 1988

Championed, among others, by Bruno Brookes (who took the unusual step of playing it twice in one show), and Pete Waterman, this truly was streets ahead of its time. The track was created by Glasgow-born Brian Dougans, who went on to form Future Sound of London (biggest hit “We Have Explosive” got to number 12 in 1997). It gained a re-release with new mixes in 1992, scraping a number forty chart position, and another set of remixes in 2001 took it to number 65.

The record was created to go along with a set of visuals by two guys known as Stakker Communications – Mark McLean and Colin Scott. As well as becoming popular in underground nightclubs, it got an airing on Brookes’ tea-time show, with him quoted as saying: “I remember listening to it and thinking it was one step ahead of everything techno that was coming out. It wasn’t copying anything else; it was just fabulous”.

Dougans, together with squat-mate Jon Goslan, got to perform on the December 1st 1988 Top of the Pops alongside some sizeable late 80’s names – Rick Astley, Pet Shop Boys, and Bros. You can also admire, below, some rather enthusiastic dancing and interesting fashions – including Pete Waterman in a kilt. Well, the Hitman and Her were in Brechin, Scotland after all. Said Waterman of the track: “It was one of those records that captured what we were up to at that point… It was just different. The moment you heard it you knew what it was. I must have played it for a good three months. It’s one of those tunes that we call ‘a Hitman and Her tune’. It was so us.”

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