Peak UK Chart Position: #24 in August 1989.

We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It, to give them their full name, so-called thanks to member Maggie Dunne proclaiming just that after their purchase of a distortion pedal for their guitars. They were formed in Birmingham in 1985, with Jo Dunne, Tina O’Neill, and Vickie Perks (a.k.a Vix, who turns 48 today) being the other members making up the quartet.

They have notched up a career total of four top forty hits, although their first EP “Rules And Regulations” in 1986 narrowly missed out, getting to number 41. “Love Is The Slug” got them to number 31 later that year, but their imperial phase came with the album “Big Bang!” in 1989 (still somewhere in my collection).

fuzzSingles “International Rescue” (#11 in April 1989), “Pink Sunshine” (#14 in June 1989), and “Self” came in quick succession, whilst the parent album got to an impressive number five. They were to split a year later, citing ‘musical differences’, after single “Your Loss, My Gain” bombed, reaching number 100. Vix has maintained a solo career through the years, as well as being a part of two ‘reunions’. The first – albeit brief – was in 2010, minus Tina but with new members; seeing some tour dates and a new single. The second was in 2015, but this¬†time sadly minus Jo as well, who died six weeks after being diagnosed with cancer in 2012.

“Self” was performed on Top of the Pops on August 17th 1989. The track actually features Brian May on guitar, although he doesn’t appear in this clip. Alongside the girls on this episode were Black Box, Martika, and Neneh Cherry, with J-J-J-Jive Bunny at number one. Well, it was 1989…

(Random facts: in 1986, Fuzzbox recorded cover versions of “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini”, and “Spirit In The Sky”. Vix also has a website, entitled “Vix’s Little Online Home”, which is up to date with news, videos, galleries and the like.)

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