Peak UK Chart Position: #9 in May 1990.

Their second hit to feature Lindy Layton as guest vocalist – but it wasn’t her that featured on the original version of this track. A year previous, the man behind Beats International – Norman Cook – charted under his own name (the only occasion he did so) when “Won’t Talk About It”/”Blame It On The Bassline” reached number 29. That time around, Billy Bragg performed vocal duties.

Cook turns 53 today, and as well as being in The Housemartins back in the 80’s, and Beats International in the early 90’s, he has found fame with several other monikers. Pizzaman (“Trippin’ On Sunshine”, “Happiness”), Freak Power (“Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out”, “No Way”), and of course Fatboy Slim (“Praise You”, “Right Here, Right Now”) among the best known.

He was also the man to originally take “At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal” – better known as the music used on Pick Of The Pops – and remix it for use on Radio 1’s top forty show from August 1998. For reasons unknown, the use of it was short-lived – a mere three months – and another remix (this time by the Propellerheads) replaced it, lasting four years.

Here is “Won’t Talk About It”, on its second outing on Top of the Pops.

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