Peak UK Chart Position: #3 in January 1990.

Plenty of big climbers on the chart on this day in 1990; this elevated from 23 to 6 after some modest climbs before and during the Christmas period, and would peak at number three the week after. Another in the list of Italian dance hits to pepper the UK charts, 49ers were DJs and producers Gianfranco Bortolotti, Luca Cittadini, Diego Leoni, and Pieradis Rossini, joined later by vocalist Ann-Marie Smith. It was their first of four top forty hits: three in 1990 (the others being “Don’t You Love Me” and “Girl To Girl”) and one in 1995 (“Rockin’ My Body”).

Quick facts:

  • Gianfranco Bortolotti was behind the creation of dance act Cappella in 1987, known for hits such as “U Got 2 Let The Music”and “Move On Baby”.
  • “Touch Me” utilises samples from Aretha Franklin’s “Rock-A-Lott”, and the chorus line from Alysha Warren’s “Touch Me”.
  • In the style of Black Box, and C&C Music Factory, the song “Touch Me” was fronted by someone who didn’t actually vocally contribute to the track; in this case, Dawn Mitchell. She did, however, perform on subsequent releases.
  • Ann-Marie Smith, who joined 49ers in 1991, also provided vocals for Clock, a mid 90s Eurodance act who had UK hits with their own versions of “Oh What A Night”, “Whoomph! (There It Is)”, and “That’s The Way (I Like It)”.

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